Info on setting up a USBFXO for FreePBX

Hi there, I have a USBfxo U100 that I wanted to use to fall over when my sip is down. We have about 10 people on our FreePBX and when it goes down they get frustrated so we decided to add in FXO capabilities.

However, before purchasing I did not do much research before I bought the USBfxo I just figured I would plug it in and FreePBX would see it. Well, I should have read more. After trying to install in and getting several crashes on the system (kernel panics) I decided that I should read some more.

It took awhile for me to get it working so I thought I would put it here in a place I can find it in the future as well as maybe help someone else out.

The main point of setting it up is that the USBFxo will not work with the DAHDI version that comes with the FreePBX distro (or rather I could not make it work with the preinstalled DAHDI version). The DAHDI version that was installed on my distro was 2.10 and the Sangoma site says that the USBFxo will work with 2.5 but not 2.6.

1: So first off I downgraded from 2.10 DAHDI to 2.5.0 for this I went through the following steps after stopping asterisk:

]# cd /usr/src/
]# wget
]# tar zxfv dahdi-linux-
]# cd dahdi-linux-
]# make
]# make install
]# cd …

]# wget
]# tar zxfv dahdi-tools-
]# cd dahdi-tools-
]# ./configure
]# make
]# make install
]# make config
]# dahdi_genconf modules

2: Once the above was complete I went ahead and restarted the server, I am not sure if that was necessary but I did it anyways.

3: Once the system was restarted I plugged in the USBFxo but it was still not recognized so more reading lead me to needing to update the wanpipe drivers from Sangoma. For this I followed the instructions at the following page:

4: After following these instructions through of course I got an error message saying that no sangoma cards were detected. However, I restarted the server and when the system was back running I entered the command

]# wanrouter hwprobe
and the USBFxo was detected and showed information.

5: At this point I followed the FreePBX tutorial on setting up a DAHDI connection:

Now it seems to be working and I can make calls as well as receive them through the USBFxo.

Nothing exciting just thought I would pass some info on to others who might need and put it someplace where I could find it.

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