Info about missed call when call is picked up

I use an FreePBX
Call pickup is working but there is no information about a missed call when the call is picked up from another extension.

Let’s say there are extensions A, B and C.
If A calls B, and C picks up the call, there is no information on B about a missed call.

Is there any way to make that information visible (B to have a missed call from A indication)?


That is all phone dependent to show the missed call.

Don’t we send out an “Answered Elsewhere in 2.11 in Ring Groups” I seem to remember the upgrade. You would have to have RPID enabled and the phone support that message type.

He is not talking about ring group. He says its a ext to ext call.

Hi guys,
The phones are Grandstream GXP2000 and the same thing applies for cals ext. to ext. and also when the call arrives from outside (through a SIP trunk).

I forgot to mention that there is also no information about the caller in the “answered calls” log on the phone that picked up the call.
So if someone picks someone else’s call there is no information about the caller. Neither on the phone that was called (as a missed call) nor on the phone that picked up the call (as an answered call).

Well it wont show as a answered call on the call that does the pickup since it made a outbound call. That makes sense.

That does make sense.
Anyway is there any way to get the called phone to display a missed call notification?

No most devices will not show that as a missed call since the call was answered elsewhere.