Incremental backups?

I have a backup setup to backup all my call recordings each night. The issue with this is that I either need to change the setting each day or I need to backup a lot of recordings multiple times. My current setting backups up the directory __ASTSPOOLDIR__/monitor/2018/12. At this point, I am changing the month directory each month. So, December 1st I get recordings from December 1st. But by December 5th I’m getting recordings from December 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th in one backup.

Is there a way to make this incremental? Either by using a wildcard in the directory (__ASTSPOOLDIR__/monitor/year/month/day) or by adding a command that tells the system to only backup new files that have not been previously backed up?

Incremental backups are not part of the backup module. You would have to do setup your own incremental backup process for the recordings.

In my experience, I have felt your pain, both the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor and /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail directories are both very dynamic and often even daily backups wont save from a client who is peed’off no matter whose fault it was :wink:

My solution is to use rsnapshot ( ) with very little effort to setup or overhead in operation (the backups are incremental and very low overhead and can be set up with as little as one minute between iterations) thusly you can restore deleted files very easily to the same granularity. Backups are done using rsync and can be to local or remote file systems (or both if you want).

(Suggestion, If you go that way or any other “incremental” way , exclude any *.tmp files, as they will be un-necessarily “linked” into the backup and waste lots of space)

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Thanks, Dicko. It looks like rsnapshot only allows backup over SSH. Any chance you know of a similar solution that would backup over FTP?

Sorry but no I don’t, incremental backups are generally achieved through hardlinks ,which is supported extremely well by rsync, unforunalty , not so much by ftp, my guess is that you are windoze bound, if so rsync IS available for it.

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