Increase RAM and resize SWAP space

I noticed that my FreePBX (13.0.91) had become slightly sluggish on the GUI. I discovered (and had forgotten) that I had 1024Mb of RAM (512Mb x 2) when I built it. Consequentially, during installation it created a SWAP space of 1073Mb in size. Now, when I replace the RAM with two 2Gb sticks (total of 4GB) I need to resize the SWAP space to 6Gb or so.

To add, during installation onto two matching hard drives, FreePBX properly created a software raid (mdadm) setup consisting of three underlying partitions (md0, md1, md2.) Partition md0 is the “/boot”, md2 is “/” therefore md1 is swap.

I need to resize md2 (slightly smaller) and increase the size of md1 to match the SWAP space I need with the larger RAM sticks.

Built with the FreePBX distro (on CentOS 6.5 os) and before I find a CentOS based mdadm resizing tutorials, has anyone here, on the forum, every done this? And would you have any advice before proceeding? (Yes, I know, backup before I proceed.)

Apart from that I doubt that your swap space is inadequate, the easiest way would be

Swapping with a system that is doing real-time audio is almost always a recipe for bad audio - if you upgrade the machine to 4 gig, you should stop swapping entirely.

Upgrade the RAM and check your pagefile usage - on my virtual machine (production) my pagefile usage is 0%.

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