Increase number of parking slots, allow transfer into specific slots?

I need to increase the number of parking slots by quite a bit - is there any way to do this? I’ve tried adding a parkpos=301-499 line to features_general_custom.conf, but that did not do it. I also need to be able to blind transfer directly into a specific slot, I haven’t looked at the parking slot dialplan, but would appreciate any ideas around that.

Are there any downsides to increasing the number of slots beyond what is default?


Did you think of changing the number of slots on:-


Yes, the maximum there is 30. I need many, many more than that.

sorry you are SOL there. Apparently a limitation of FreePBX’ GUI, maybe file a bug, but pragmatically why do you need that many, and who will keep track of them? maybe you need a queue.

Customer wants to place calls on hold, and have them ring back after a certain amount of time. They’ve got multiple locations, and need the slots to be separate for each.

Can’t find a limit in Asterisk code but there is probably one, as suggested file a bug report with FreePBX

Thanks, here’s a link, for reference:

This is an Asterisk feature which FreePBX has not yet caught up with. There is a backend “customization.” But, you will have add it back in to the file anytime you update the Core module. (I am unaware of any “custom” file that the functions file will include.)

If I am correct…this is a feature of an upcoming parking pro module.

But, my observation has been anything with “Pro” on it is equivalent to having to “purchase” something, which is comparable to asking for someone’s first born in my environment. ;-[

I would be more interested in the incorporation of a “custom.conf” file within the function.php. (I think.)

new module (at least in 2.11) tm1000 changed it to a text box…so no more drop down with limit of 30.

All conf files have a custom.conf files in /etc/asterisk. You can do modifying in there. We won’t provide custom linking to

that I don’t have to redo the features_general_custom.conf and extensions_custom.conf files every time! :slight_smile: