Incorrect trunk when forwarding calls

Hello all,

I am configuring a FreePBX v2.8 for a multi tenant environment.

For forcing extentions to use the proper trunk for outbound calls, I used the module Custom Contexts. This all works fine.

My issue is the following:
When non-answered calls on an extention are forwarded to an external number (like a cellphone), the first trunk is used for this outbound call. This is not always the desired one.
I would expect the rules for the extentions custom context is used, but it isn’t.

Any idea on how to force forwarded outbound calls to use the correct trunk?

thanks in advance,

Thank you Philippe. Your comment was crystal clear.

FreePBX is not a multi-tenant system and although many people try to use the Custom Context module to get some some functionality similar to multi-tenant, the issue you are describing is a perfect example of one of the limitations that you get that Custom Contexts will not solve.