Incorrect Timestamps on SMS

Hello, we’re using the SMS features on Sangoma Talk as well as the Sangoma Desktop App.

The timestamp for the text messages on the Sangoma Talk mobile app are ahead 7 hours, the timestamps on the Sangoma Desktop App are correct.

We’re using FreePBX 15.0.24 and Asterisk Version: 16.28.0

I should mention that the timestamps in the call history of the mobile app are correct.
The timezone on the PBX is also correct.


So initially when the text message is sent or received the timestamp is correct:

After logging out and logging back in though, the time changes:

If you have any technical questions or need to get in touch with Tech Support, please email us at [email protected] to open a ticket.

We updated the system timezone and ran ‘fwconsole restart’ multiple times which didn’t change anything, but restarting the Vultr server that hosts our PBX fixed it.

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