Incompetence on telco side configuring Digium card

Dear forum members,
I am turning myself to you in hope that I will find some kind of brilliant reflection in my doubts configuring the Digium digital card, namely the TE235. My problem is that (excuse me for my choice of phrases) there are bunches of staff members on the telco side who don’t even know the kind of network the telco owns.

They have been trying all kinds of combination of configuration until I gave up on them. So, in my desperation, I am turning myself to the forum for help.

I have the following arrangement of equipment: the (DSL) line from PSTN goes in to a CPE (a modem - G.SHDSL Termination Unit Comet 16xx Series ) provided by the telco. This has an outlet port labeled E1, which I connect to the Digium card using a cross-over cable.

At first Asterisk complained a lot on the instability of the signal in a form of datalink-layer-problem. It ultimately stopped after the telco made own test and drew a new line from a closer distribution box. But now, I have the problem of configuring the modem so that it matches the default configuration recommended by the manual for TE235. The problem is that we cannot even come to a common understanding in what framing and signaling mean.

Framing from the telco side means: Framed, Framed with CRC or Unframed along with some more parameters for each. In the process of the configuration, it seems like I have to upload a local profile and local setting at minimum. To give you a better idea, here is a link to the whole manual: Tainet Comet 16 Series Manuals | ManualsLib

I know it can be a huge imposition, but it seems like this is the only option I am left with in addressing the issue. This was supposed to be the first in a series of projects.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, to configure an E1/T1 interface, you need to know the exact details of the configuration that your Telco is using and the only one that know it for sure is the Telco itself.
If you provide the telco’s company name, maybe there is another forum member that uses the same Telco and can provide his configuration, which may or may not be the same you need to use. Sometimes telcos don’t use the same configuration across all of their footprint.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yes, the Telco is Ethio Telecom- Ethiopian Telecommunication Services. As a matter of fact, I have been called a number of times today from the staff, who has promised to address the issue. However, any kind of recommendation or help from the forum is highly appreciated.

Thanks once again.

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