Incomming call audio

I have setup a freePBX system with trial SIPSTATION. I am able to call in, but the caller never hears any audio. I can see a configured phone the incoming call, and can see the call in the logs. The caller just never gets any response. Also, when calling out the system response is “all circuits are busy”. Fairly sure these items are linked, but I am not sure where to start looking.


You start looking in /var/log/asterisk/full.

SIPstation uses different hosts for signaling and media, so if your PBX is behind a NAT router you will need to port forward UDP for the entire media port range. (10k to 20k by default). Lack of media port forwarding does not explain failed outbound tho.

I have it NAT’d with will ports open. So that should not be an issue. There is also no Errors showing in the log files. That’s the first thing I checked.

Simply no clue what could be causing the issue.

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