Incoming ZAP trunk calls can't be answered by SIP extensions

Hello All,

Here is my current issue:

I have Wildcard 400P card, only using one port for FXO (for now I will add a second sometime) and one FXS.

I have an analog line coming in on the FXO port (xxx-xxx-9622), I have 3 computers using XLITE for IP phones.
I have these 3 phones setup in a ring group (600), plus I have the xxx-xxx-9622 line directly connected to a regular phone in the office.

Now when a call comes in on the xxx-xxx-9622 number, all the above phones ring like they should, however, I am unable to answer the call from any of the XLITE phones. When I click on answer in XLITE it says the call is connected but the other phones keep ringing, and I can’t hear the other person and vice versa.

I am new to ASTERISK/FreePBX so please be gentle. :slight_smile:

I can provide config, etc. as requested, if you can also let me know how to pull them. I know how to get the last 2000 lines of the log file, and I currently have debugging and verbose set to 10.

I hope that I have provided a clear enough explanation.

<<<<< update to the issue: I CAN answer the incoming call on the FXS phone >>>>>
Also I have an existing SIP trunk from broadvoice if that is of any consequence.