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Since recent we have a live FreePBX setup running with a SIP trunk with a 100 range of numbers. Now we have an account we can no longer access somewhere where the only option for recovery is by receiving some code by SMS and filling this in online. This SMS gets send to one of our numbers but since it is no mobile number we’re in quite a pickle figuring out if we can read it out somehow.

The company refuses to change its details or method for us despite the fact that we can prove its us.

My question ; is there some way of being able to receive such text messages? I find the information quite hard to find only so i’d like some help from you experienced blokes & gals :smiley:

Thanks in advance every one!

First, ask your trunk provider whether they support SMS and if so, what options you have for how messages are delivered.

If not, in some countries such as the US, you can have a ‘split port’, which means you can have different carriers for voice and messaging.

In some countries such as the UK, a VoIP number can receive SMS but it must be handled by the same carrier as voice.

In other countries such as Thailand, ‘landline’ numbers (including VoIP) cannot receive SMS at all.

Was the number to which the verification message is sent previously a mobile? If so (and if all else fails), you could temporarily port it back to a mobile to receive the message.

A hardware solution (that should cost you a fair amount) is to buy a GSM/Voip gateway, or borrow it if you can. Connect it temporarily to receive your sms and solve your problem.

Then sell the gateway or use it for any other purpose. They can save you some money when calling out to mobile phones, depending on how the tariffs are in your country.

Hi guy’s, thanks for the feedback! Thats what i was afraid of, the provider does not support it but we do make use of an SMS gateway. Gonna check if we can do something with that.

Thanks for the help and confirmation!

Ok. For the GSM gateway, don’t waste your time with fancy configurations - just use the gateway’s configuration web page, there’s probably an area there for simple SMS.

You should be able to do everything with the gateway on its own, just connected to a laptop, no need to mess with VoIP servers, freepbx, or any of your current configurations (except regarding the SIM card change, if you need a pin code or something)

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