Incoming Route for multiple CallerIDs

We drive FreePBX and use Incoming Routes to give only VIP-Customers direct access to a special group of agents. This works well.

Now we want to use this method to restrict our hotline to customers.
For this reason we could create i.e. 1.000 routs, one route for every number which is legitimated to call the hotline. This at all is not a good idea, neither to create nor to manage this calls.

So we are looking for a option to create ONE incoming route with 1.000 CallerIDs as we want to handle all those calls exactly the same way.

The GUI of FreePBX does not allow this (i.e. by seperators like the extension list in a ring group).

Is there any experience with such needs?
Is there a option to import lines in the custom.config without beeing overwritten by the GUI with the next action within the GUI?

Thanks for any hints, help or ideas.

We have had other people talk about setting something like this up before. Someone (perhaps @Dickson) posted a inbound context snippet that did a lookup and processed the call. @lgaetz recently posted some more code for his self-maintaining whitelisting context in his post Of Robocalls and Whitelists

While neither of those is probably a ‘drop in’ solution, they should get you started.

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