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Is there a way in Fax Pro to have incoming faxes go to a shared destination. We would like for people to be able to access a central repository of the incoming faxes. I’ve tried creating a user with a virtual extension to email the incoming faxes to a DL but that hasn’t worked so far.

I’m also interested to know if it’s possible to do that.
I don’t have faxpro, but in user management under UCP there’s an option to grant access to other user’s Voicemail, CDR etc. Perhaps there’s also an option for fax?

Inbound faxes are not tied to a commercial module, however, they are tied to a FAX Recipient which is a user not a device/extension. You can send it to multiple users but they are linked to the user account. Unlike device related items (VM, CDRs, etc) this cannot be shared across users.

So inbound/outbound faxing is related to the user it is assigned to.

I know that, and I currently have inbound faxes being sent to multiple email addresses, but that wasn’t my question.
Question is, if you can somehow have faxes go to a shared destination?
Look at it like a General Voicemail, whoever needs access, we assign it via user manager and the end user can access it in their personal UCP account as an additional Voicemail Box.
Is the same possible with Fax Pro?

Open feature request here:


I answered that. Please read the full reply.

And no, FaxPro doesn’t give that option either.

Thanks, that answered it. I hope it’ll be implemented soon.

It’s early and I may be a bit dense but how does one email a fax to multiple email addresses?

User manager > select that user > Email field, you can add multiple email addresses separated by commas

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