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I appear to have this strange problem, but I am not sure where the problem is coming from. Sometimes, when I receive an incoming call from outside, the phones in the ring group ring in a 3 second loop with the caller ID showing as 100115. I don’t know why this is happening and I am not sure if it’s something at the FreePBX level or the Grandstream HT813 which I use as a PSTN gateway.

I have no idea what 100115 is either and it doesn’t show in the call event on FreePBX. On FreePBX, it shows the actual caller ID with 10 2-second calls with no caller ID?

It’s a really strange one, any advice would be much appreciated.

Looking at the CDR report, the bottom 4 caller ID’s are the same.


Does this happen long enough where you can capture the SIP traffic that might provide a clue?

Thank you for getting back to me. It would be long enough, but the problem is that it doesn’t always happen so trying to replicate this whilst having a capture running would probably be difficult. Would you think if I kept a syslog running 24/7, capturing everything, that I could then use that?

So it would be common for me to keep a tcpdump running for days or weeks on a PBX when I am troubleshooting a weird issue so I can go back and pull a trace when an end user reports it after the fact and it’s helped me resolve so many hard to diagnose problems. For example, it’s fascinating seeing the SIP traffic when a phone crashes during an incoming call when it’s supposed to be ringing.

I also typically capture only SIP traffic to save on storage space as most of the time I don’t need the audio of the call to fix problems like this.

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