Incoming calls not coming through SOFTPHONE

Dear Users

i am using softphone Grandstream Wave version
on the phone i see green user are registeerd but when i get a call the incoming call are not coming trough when i disable and enable the account on softphone than it will ring

how can i fix this probleem

Show us the log of a failed call. That should help get started.

Dear cynjut

the calls are not failed but the user that i setup on my softphone are not online i have to deactived and than activate the account/user on the softphone. after that the users are active for number of minutes then they are logged out again

dee screenshot user than Unavailable

Dear alle

i have test it with a apple iphone and as softphone app i use the same software GS Wave the apple iPhone stays online vailable. while samsung phone goes unavailabl

OK - in the logs, look for when the phone goes “unavailable” and set the phone’s options to keep the registration alive more often than if drops off.

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