Incoming calls intermittently dropped after 1/2 a ring

I have had FreePBX installed in my office for over a year now and am very happy with the software. About two weeks ago we had a customer say they called and received a “the number you have called is not in service” message. I was unable to replicate the problem at that time. Since then we have had several episodes of the same problem. Yesterday most of the afternoon we were unreachable. The phones will ring for half a ring, then the call is dropped. A bit before the problem began I installed 2 new extensions. First thing I tried was removing the new phones and the problem persisted. We are using flowroute and failover is set to my cell phone which works if I disconnect my server pc from the network. Any advice is appreciated.

I have a log of a failed call. This is my first post and I didn’t know if I should paste it in the topic text or attach it somehow.

Flowroute has the very best support in the industry. You should call them first and ask for their assistance. Given the symptoms, I suspect some sort of corruption in your PBX.

Try registering an extension directly to Flowroute and see if the problems persist. If they don’t, it’s your PBX. If they do, it may be a router issue…