Incoming calls from five.voicepulse do not get through


I have two FreePBX servers both are latest FreePBX-13 upgrade in the course of several years from a much earlier version

I had the five.voicepulse trunk registered on one of the FreePBX servers and it worked great. A couple of days ago, I have moved that five.voicepulse trunk to be used with another FreePBX. I have deleted the trunk configs from the original PBX and used the same settings in the “new” FreePBX which is using different ISP and is behind a different Firewall.

unfortunatelly, the new FreePBX server can not receive incoming calls from this trunk. I know that all settings within FreePBX as far as configuring the trunk and inbound/outbound rules are the same as in the system that used to work with this exact trunk.

On voicepulce side, they see that as they send me the invites, my system never replies.

In my CLI (asterisk -vvvvvvvvvvvr), I do not see any activity when I attempt to call the trunk from a phone (I see plenty activity when the system places an outgoing call).

I also, do not see any dropped pockets in my firewall logs.

my trunk settings are as follows

my registration string is right as I see the trunk registered and can place outgoing calls.

My firewall is set to allow and forward needed pockets as I have another sip trunk from another provider that works just fine in both ways (which makes me also think that my ISP does not drop VOIP traffic).

in addition to the inability to receive incoming calls, if I place an outgoing call and then hang it up from remote side, the hang-up message does not get to my PBX and it keeps the channel open after the remote side is gone.

Anyone can point me out to some way of fixing this, it would be great. Perhaps even a way to know if the invites are getting through to FreePBX. Perhaps FreePBX has a firewall that for some reason drops the traffic from the voicepuls IP. Any suggestions are welcome.