Incoming Calls Failure BroadVoice

So for some reason my incoming calls do not work. I can make outbound calls but inbound calls get the “this phone is not in service.” Broadvoice said everything looks good on their end so not sure what to check. Installed the latest Distro and it asked me to put the PBX in the DMZ. I have comcast with a non static ip. Any Ideas? Inbound route is basic to a ring group.

why in the world would you put the pbx in the dmz when you probably only have one public, dynamic ip address. what are you using as a router behind comcast? or are you depending on the comcast router to do everything?

I figured it out. I shouldn’t have put it in the DMZ. While setting up the new FreePBX during the setup in GUI it said to do that, so was skeptical but figured they wanted to do that for a reason. Anyways taking it out of the DMZ, fixing the NAT on Advance SIP settings to Yes and Dynamic DNS pointed to Dynamic DNS URL solved my issue.Thank you.