Incoming calls dropped

First of all I am a FreePBX newb so sorry in advance for any mistakes I make in terminology.

  • I downloaded and installed FreePBX Stable-1.812.210.57 distro
  • The asterisk version is
  • The network is behind a NAT router running DD-WRT v24-sp2 (12/20/11) mega
  • Soft phone is X-Lite 4.1
  • soft phone two is the iPhone Bria app

After the installation I created two extensions, and a trunk to my DID provider. I also created a ring group so that I could make incoming calls ring to the my soft phone. Since I am new I used to trixbox tutorial I found here to help me understand the steps I needed. I can make outbound calls, but when I try to call in I get the three beeps almost like a busy signal and the call is then dropped. I looked in the Asterisk log and I found these entries associated with dropped calls.:

“[2012-05-24 15:29:34] WARNING[3343] chan_sip.c: username mismatch, have , digest has <136833>
[2012-05-24 15:29:34] NOTICE[3343] chan_sip.c: Failed to authenticate device “incoming_phone#_here” sip:“incoming_phone_#_here”@;tag=as48e69379”

It’s a good thing to post back. Even when I am being a nitwit and have fat fingered the PEER Details for my trunk.
I had typed a space after the comma in this line insecure=port,invite