Incoming Calls don't ring through to Zulu

We purchased licenses for Sangoma FreePBX softphones.

Because we are all on linux, we’re looking to use Zulu as our client. I’ve set it up so I can use Zulu either as a desktop client, or through the UCP phone widget.

I have not been able to get incoming calls to ring in to either. Both can call out, external or direct to another extension (that isn’t trying to use Zulu). Details below.

Server OS Centos 8
FreePBX v.
Zulu Module v. 16.0.19

Ubuntu 22
Zulu 3.5.2

Behavior (this is the same whether using Zulu in UCP or desktop client)

  • Dial out external, no problem.
  • Dial to internal extension non-Zulu phone, no problem.
  • External inbound, rings through to voicemail. No indication of incoming call in Zulu.
  • Internal (i.e. extension to extension), through to voicemail. No indication of incoming call in Zulu.

Looking at the CDR report, everything looks fine. It sends it to destination 90128 (which is my Zulu client).

The only errors I see in the logs are these from full:

[2023-06-23 10:04:35] ERROR[32933][C-00000049] res_stasis.c: Stasis app ‘zulu-desktop-call-processing’ not registered
[2023-06-23 10:04:35] ERROR[32934][C-00000049] res_stasis.c: Stasis app ‘zulu-mobile-call-push-processing’ not registered

Nothing in zulu_err.log related to the above call.

No messages of interest in zulu_out.log.

One thing that seemed interesting to me, the Zulu desktop client does notify when an email is left. Call history is shown, and is dynamic. So the server can talk to the client. But the client seems unaware of an incoming call.

I’ve Googled my fingers off, to no avail.

Any ideas?

Zulu has been abandoned at this point. You want to look into using Sangoma Desktop or the Sangoma Talk apps.

I understand that Zulu is no longer active. However, we can’t use Sagnoma Desktop (unless there’s a linux distribution, which I haven’t been able to find). Sagnoma Talk is for mobile only and we are looking for a desktop client.

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