Incoming calls do not ring the same amount of rings as heard by the caller

When someone calls in on my analog line it does not always ring the same amount of times on both ends (or even close). For example if I call in from my cell phone (or any other outside line) I will hear 5-6 rings before the system even rings once? What config file should I be looking at?


Look at your Zapata.conf

are you using callerID and also faxdetect ? If you are not using fax , than set it to none. Then your phone will ring after the first or2 ring as heard by the caller. The delay of a few ring is necessary for Asterisk to decode callerID,… ( because some inbound route and events are determined by callerID… i.e if you choose to use it… without processing this…it won’t be able to know what phone extension to ring…
Thus teh delay… also if Faxdetect is set…then it will also need to determine if the inbound call is fax or voice…that introduces some delay too.

Infact I have struggled with this for quite sometime when I first setup Asterisk a year back. Faxdetect introduces the most delay … I have a new install of the latest Zaptel and Asterisk 1.4 and FreePBX and there seems to be a vast improvement in this…at least even with the use of callerID
the phone answer around the second ring.

I assume that you are not writing your own custom context or using someone scripts… are you using what Freepbx generated. Because some custom context that uses wait() before Answer can also introduces seconds of delay ( depending on how many seconds is specified in wait() .