Incoming calls being merged with parked callers

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I’m having an issue where a customer is having incoming calls being merged with calls that are on park.

Here is the scenario.

Caller 1s call is answered and put on park1. Park1 BLF goes red and caller gets hold music (perfect)

Caller 2 calls in and while phone is still ringing the customer goes to pickup Park1 by pressing the Park1 key but instead of picking up park1 Caller 2 gets merged with the person that was parked and they are super confused…

These are Sangoma s500 phones and the park button is configured as a “Park” key with 71-73 being the value (parking slot numbers)

I have played around with the transfer modes and the DDS transfer type but cant get it to work correctly.

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

By default S series are configured to forward the ringing channel to the BLF destination. You can override this by doing a basefile edit of the P code:

EPM Default Value: 0
Description: If enabled, while the phone is in the ringing state due to an inbound call, and the user presses a BLF or speed dial button, the phone will generate a new call to the BLF or speed dial. If disabled, the phone will blind transfer the incoming call to the BLF or speed dial destination. Defaults to 0. To enable, set to 1.


(Cody) #3

I edited the basefile and am still getting the same result when testing. It merges the incoming call with the Parked call.

(Cody) #4

This is now working. I had an issue with EPM not actually updating the base file. All is well.

Thanks Lorne!

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