Incoming Calls answered with dead air, no IVR recording audio

I’ve been running just fine with 3 DID’s into my system. Two of them go to the IVR and a third goes directly to my extension. Sometime this week my 2 DID’s going to the IVR are answered but only dead air, no recording. If I change the DID’s to my extension, the ring through. So it appears this is not a trunking issue. I’ve created a new test IVR to see if maybe my other recording was corrupt, and the same thing is happening. Any ideas what this might be? Thank you!

P.S. When I dial 7777 from my extension I get “The number you have dialed is not in service”

Update, this is not an IVR issue, even though the IVR is not working either. I determined that no audio is coming through. Even if it rings direct to an extension. Calls are connecting but there is no audio. I have not changed anything on my router/firewall in months, so what could have happened that I have calls connecting in but there is no audio? How would I troubleshoot this?

Figured this out. My external IP address changed. I had to go into SIP settings and let it detect my new external IP and then reboot. After that, works again!

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