Incoming Callers Cannot Hear Me, But I Can Hear Them

Running FreePBX
FreePBX Server Runs through pfsense to WAN
I have port 5060 NAT forwarded and I also have RTP ports forwarded to the FreePBX server.
SIP Trunk setup and connected to Flowroute Trunk.

Here’s the problem. I can make calls between phones connected to the server, no problem. I can also call outbound and the calls work no problem.

However when someone calls in from an external number I can hear the audio from the external line, but they can’t hear me.

Please Help.

Search for “SIP one-way audio asterisk”.

This is likely to be one of two problems: bad firewall settings or incorrect NAT setup in your PBX. The latter is not likely, since your outbound calls work, but sometimes you get lucky.

We had this problem all day yesterday and it was Cox Communications having routing issues. Apparently we could get enough to have the call come in but then the return packets were all dropping.