Incoming caller ring tone issues

Hi , I’m having issues with incoming call ring tone to the caller , when i dial in from the outside world (PTSN) the call is very slow to start the ringing tone to the external phone signifying receiving hand sets are ringing. however the phones with in the pbx are very quick to respond and are actually ringing whilst the phone on the ptsn side just sounds like a dead line this goes on for at very least 5 seconds or so. to the point where the incoming caller just thinks its not working and gives up.

does any one have any idea what would be causing this. is there a setting or something in freepbx that could be resposible? my gut feeling is that free pbx isn’t sending some ACK to my provider in an a acceptable time to siginfy that the end points are actualying ringing. thus not relaying the ringing tone to the incoming caller on the PTSN side?

Just a guess, try setting Inband Progress to Yes (pjsip trunk) or
(chan_sip trunk).

If that doesn’t help, you already have that setting, or it’s not applicable to your trunk, please post a brief description of your system, what kind of trunk you have, how your Inbound Route is set up (Ring Group, pjsip extension with multiple devices, etc.) and whether audio is delayed if an extension is answered as soon as it starts to ring.

It would also be useful to post the Asterisk log (with timestamps) for an incoming call, along with the exact time that the caller hears first hears ringing. (A mobile phone clock that is set to display seconds is usually within one second, accurate enough for this purpose.)

You say PSTN, is this a DAHDI connection?

If DAHDI is it analog or digital?

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