Incoming call receive on the wrong trunk


I just finishing my install and config (last freepbx distro), i’ve something wrong.

I use about 10 SIP accounts, one line and number by account.

When I receive a call on a number, it’s another trunk that handle the line line.
Like on the log here, with a line X and a line Y

[2014-04-06 02:50:02] VERBOSE[33095][C-0000000d] pbx.c: – Executing [[email protected]:1] Set(“SIP/00339721YYYYY-00000016”, “__FROM_DID=00339722XXXXX”) in new stack

So the agent with number X is on line but his line is still free, and the line of the agent Y ring as congestion.

What I forget ?

Thanks in advance !

ok sorry same thread than

Oh no it’s not the same probleme.

So I’ve my DID, but incoming call didn’t use the same trunk number than DID