Incoming Call Problems

Heya everyone… i got a slight problem

My outgoing calls work fine, but i got a slight problem with incoming calls, im running Asterisk (Ver. SVN-branch-1.2-r74427), with FreePBX 2.2.2

iv got an outbound trunk through VoIPCheap, and 3 incoming number from VoIPTalk

the voiptalk numbers are being routed to a SIP Compatible PBX, then using “inbound routes” inside freepbx the numbers are entered into the “DID Number” and set to goto the correct extension !

Unfortunatly, if someone calls into any of those numbers, they can hear me fine ! but i cannot hear anything they are saying and then after 20 seconds (exactly, every time) it closes the channel, which results in the calling party’s phone still appearing to be on a call (hence when i call from my mobile, the line stays active but my FreePBX asterisk info module reports no active channels)

Anyone got any ideas, im a complete newby at this, and followed this installation guide to get to where i am “” but did not do addition configuration to zaptel as i dont think im using this, just SIP Trunks to voipCheap !

Check out my Asterisk Log File at


Hi Aaron,

I have a similar setup to you so hopefully I can offer some more info to the table…

I too use VoipTalk for inbound SIP trunks, and I too have had (in my case intermittent) problems with one way or no way audio.

Obviously the first thing to add is that usually lack of audio is a firewall issue.

I think the reason you are seeing the call drop out after 20 seconds is an safety feature. I have had users complain of the same thing when they are sat on hold. If the box dosnt detect audio for a period of time it drops the call. Im not sure if this is an Asterisk setting or a VoipTalk feature?

So I guess the question is, are you certain your firewall isnt the problem to do we think its a problem with Voiptalk?