Incoming call on DID forwarded to a Cell Number with a greeting

hi all,

I want to set up a call forwarding from one of my DID that is when a call comes to one of DID it routes to my Cell phone and when I pick up the call on my cell phone it plays a greeting notifying me that this call is forwarded to you via DID .

How can I achieve this.

Create a ring group with the mobile DID in the extension list. Be sure to read the tool tip for adding external numbers, they require a # suffix. For the ring group, you need confirm calls enabled, and ‘remote announce’ enabled with a suitable recording. Then add an inbound route that directs calls to the DID in question to the ring group.

@lgaetz has the correct solution, but you may face a non-technical issue that the call goes to voicemail or the caller gives up before you can answer.

From when the Ring Group is started, you can’t answer until:

  1. Setup time to your mobile.
  2. You recognize that a phone is ringing and it’s yours, e.g. in a noisy bar.
  3. You fish it out of your pocket, note the caller ID and answer.
  4. You hear the announcement, tap to bring up the keypad and tap 1 to accept.

If the PBX allows sufficient time to do all this before going to voicemail, the caller (hearing just ringing) may decide there is no answer and hang up. The solution is to play him some ‘music’ while this happens in the background. My formula is something like:

Two cycles of fake ringback tone.
“Thank you for calling Acme Widgets. Please wait while your call is connected.”
Two or three seconds of silence.
Above message repeated in another language, appropriate for the country the DID is in.
A little more silence.
Music starts and plays until it goes to voicemail, e.g. 45 to 60 seconds after call came in.


Thanks and how do I generate a fake ring.

There should be an audio recording of a phone ringing in the system somewhere. Check your audio recordings and see if you can find one. might also work.

thanks cynjut.

I also find a way. In the Ring groups there is an option to generate fake ring or music on hold and another thing is set the ring time to more than 40 secs it will give you time to even check the caller id and confirm the calls.

So thanks all. It’s resolved.

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