Incoming call issue after O/S and v14 reinstall

I had a yum update go wrong, so I re-installed Freepbx 14, and restored from backup. I then changed the SIP port for pjsip to 5060, from 5160, disabled all chan_sip, no TLS, all seemed good initially. However, after some time, I get recurring issues with incoming calls, and it may effect 1 or more phones, either phones in the office or remote phones, at the same time. The phone(s) is registered but the call goes immediately to voicemail, as if the phone is offline. However, I can make outgoing calls. The issue may also clean itself up after some time with no intervention. That said, in the office, if I reboot one of the offending phones, more than one extension may then self-correct. If I look at Asterisk Info pjsip, I see the trunk is registered, with the offending extensions saying Unavailable and nan. I am stumped, any insights or better debugging tips are appreciated. SIP ALG is off, and I have no open ports on the office router. Thank you.

I think it would help to see a sip packet trace of what’s going on when you see extensions as Unavailable, to see what the Registration attempts look like, assuming any are received at that time. Can you let us know the make and model of some of the phones experiencing the issue? And, if they’re configured using Endpoint Manager?

By the described symptoms, it sounds similar to issues you’d see if a NAT tunnel was closing because phones are not registering frequently enough. Without knowing more about your network environment, I can’t really say if that’s what’s going on here. But if the registration interval on your phones is set to something like 1 hour(often a default), I’d try lowering it to 2 minutes.

What you said about multiple phones coming back after just rebooting one is also interesting. If lowering the registration frequency doesn’t help, this behavior is probably something that could be worth looking further into, but it would help to first understand your network environment, such as what devices/routers are between the offending phone and pbx.

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