Incoming call hang up

Hi everyone,

Our asterisk has a trunk which has been set up with a VoIP Provider ( From internal, when we placed a called, it’s working. It’s going “through the trunk” and the call is established. But when someone call us by using the external phone number provided by this provider, the call cannot be established. It’s trying to call but then, automatically hung up.

I’m using Free PBX to control and manage Asterisk. In the “inbound Routes”, a route has been set up with the DID number and a ring group for the destination. If I specify an extension instead of using a ring group, it won’t immediately hang up but I’ll get a busy tone.

Asterisk version:

Do I have to add something in the “incoming settings” in the properties of the trunk ?

In my outgoing settings, this is what i have:

Trunk name:trunk1
Peer details :
;nat=yes ;uncomment if behind nat
insecure=port,invite "

In my incoming settings:

User context: from-trunk
User details:

Thank you in advance for you help or your thoughts.


without log information it’s more of a guess.

So my guess is that the call is coming in onto the “outgoing settings” trunk. The call is negotiated with g729 because that is your preferred codec since it is placed first, and then the call is being hung up because of lack of transoding licenses for g729 or the endpoint does not have g729 if directed straight to the endpoint.

All of this is simply a guess. Have a look at your log file when the call comes in, it should give you some idea as to why the call is being hung up on.

(or just get rid of the g729 in your list of codecs and it may just start working)


I tried by getting rid of g729 and it fixed my issue. Your guess was correct.

Thank you for your help,