Incoming call forwarding to release main line

hi guys, I want to now if this is possible:

I have 5 phone lines, one of them is my main line and the others are secondary lines, all my external call will be comming from my main line, each of them are connected to a spa3102 and then to my asterisk server. I have my incoming routes, outgoing routes and trunks configured and all is working fine. My question is, whe I get a call coming from my line connected to trunk A (main line) can I transfer this call to another trunk so my main line (trunk A) is free to recieve more calls?

I´m running freepbx 2.10.0

Not with FreePBX, Arrange “call forwarding busy” with your carrier.

wow thanks for the quick response.

Yeah I was afraid that the answer would be something like you just said.


Just curious. Why were you afraid?

Alternatively, if it’s analog lines you’re talking about see if you can put two or more into a hunt group.
I’ve never worked with analog lines, but heard that term being thrown around in other similar situations. Maybe someone else could chime in.

Again, he can’t , only the telco can, think about it. . . Hook flash and forward maybe, generally these analog lines are just like the one you used to have at home.

Haha nothing special, just that I’ll have to deal with my carrier and some fees will be applied

Yes, of course the provider would have to configure those hunt groups. But wouldn’t that be preferable to call forwarding busy?
Or is it the same?

Here in Europe analog is virtually nonexistent in businesses.