Incoming call flashes red on softkey line button


Running Freepbx with Sangoma S500 phones on firmware

We have incoming calls being routed to a Sangoma S500 extension. Most of the time incoming calls will flash green on the line softkey button and ring the phone, the call can be answered by picking up the handset.

Occaisionally, i.e. a few times per day, an incoming call will flash red on the line softkey button and ring the phone. If you pick up the handset the call isn’t answered, instead you have to press the flashing red line key, at which point the call is answered in loud speaker mode. You can switch back to handset by pressing the loud speaker hard key.

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour or know a fix for it ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards…John.

What version of firmware are you using.

PBX Firmware 10.13.66-18

Sangoma Firmware 1.29 S500 -