Incoming call destination: IVR not working

Hi, I am a newbie putting together my first Asterisk system and having a problem with the IVR handling incoming calls.

I installed the Asterisk Trixbox version 1.2.2 with a X100P FXO PCI card. I have a PSTN line connected to the card. I set up two extensions: 200 and 201. I created a test IVR that says, “for sales, press 1, for support, press 2”. If you press 1 it should go to extension 200, if you press 2, it should go to extension 201. I setup two software SIP phones: SJ and Xlite (one for one extension and one for the other). If I dial 7777 from the softphones, everything works as expected. I can also dial out and between the phones.

The problem is that if someone dials in, the IVR does not respond to what they press (1 or 2) and after repeating the greeting three times, hangs up. If I change the incoming destination to go directly to one of the extensions instead of the IVR, it works fine. I am guessing it has something to do with the IVR recognizing the DTMF but not sure what to do from here.

I also set relaxdtmf=yes and increased rxgain and txgain but it is still not working.

TIA for any help or suggestions.


I am also facing the same problem,

any idea??

you’re on the right track with the dtmf settings. check both sip.conf and sip_additional.conf and make sure there aren’t conflicting dtmf settings. then depending on your provider, try setting either




The other dtmf settings are probably not necessary (relaxdtmf, etc). I had this same problem earlier this week. Every piece of documentation I could find here, in the trixbox forums and on Broadvoices own support site said for Broadvoice to use inband. I changed it to rfc2833 and it started working. Go figure.