Incoming and outgoing audio streams unsynchronized during on-demand recording, played consecutively instead

I’m testing out the on-demand call recording by making an outbound call and pressing *1. When I hang up and check /var/spool/asterisk/monitor , there is a wav file present, but when I play it back, I hear the audio stream of the called party followed by the audio stream of the calling party. The streams are played back to back, with no overlapping whatsoever. I hear one side of the conversation, then the other. This seems to only be a problem with on-demand recording. When I set Record Incoming and Record Outgoing to Always under the Extension configuration in FreePBX and performed the same test on an inbound call and an outboud call, the audio streams were synchronized.

I encountered a couple other similar posts, but I’m not sure the posters were experiencing this exact behavior or just lag in the conversation.

Here is my version information.

Installed from AsteriskNow 1.5
Asterisk 1.4.24

I’m posting this to the AsteriskNow forums as well.