Incoming and out going phone call list with times?

Hello is it possible to see the incoming or outgoing phone calls and when they called?

Reports-> CDR Reporte
Just hit search to get the 100 most recent phone calls.
Adjust the parameters to change the results.

Hello addisonb thank you. But i was wondering if there was away to show this information to my boss without having to login to the back end and going to it all?

You can export it as a CSV file by checking the box, but it’s only going to include all of the calls up until the point when you export. If you want an updated list later you will have to export again by logging in.

Is there a admin area to where i can let my boss login besides the back end where he can see things?

You could either create a user management account and give him access to the CDR for all extensions and have him login to UCP.

Or the better option is to create a second admin account, with his username and password. And only give that account access to CDR. He’ll be “logging into the backend” but it’ll only be the CDR logs.

How do i create a second admin account and let him login to see the CDR only?

Thank you addisonb i will try that when i get into work tomorrow.

Hello addisonb when i click new user in the administrator area it just brings me back to dashboard not sure why?

When you click “Admin” -> “Administrators”, it should bring up a list of all of the system administrators in your system. You’re saying that it just drops you back onto the “Dashboard”?

To approach this from a different tack - you could install a MySQL ODBC driver on his computer and give your manager access to the asteriskcdrdb database cdr table (read-only, of course) and turn him loose with Excel. That way, when he gets bored with looking at call logs, you don’t have to worry about removing things from the system later.

When i go to Admin > Administrator then i see the admin area part. When i click on new user it brings me back to the dashboard area.

You are creating the users and not seeing.

check on the top right corner for a symbol like a ‘list’, click on it.
You’ll see all users created.