Include a patch in the official distro?

I’ve installed the patch for asterisk from
It’s working fine.

I assume that using the upgrade feature from System Admin in freepbx may ‘undo’ this patch, as I expect it would upgrade asterisk. Is this correct? I have auto upgrades off and intend to carefully upgrade and repatch on an offline clone of the PBX when necessary.

Secondly, would there be any way that the FreePBX team would consider including this patch in the Asterisk11 distro?

It’s not a small patch, and I fully understand that it may be considered risky, but it would make FreePBX the only distro to support cisco’s ‘out of the box’ which would be nice.

This patch has been opened since 2008 with much debate. We try to keep Asterisk as mainstream as possible and I think there is only one patch in Asterisk 13 that we run.

A patch of this intensity won’t be considered unless Digium actually applies it. This protects our customers and clients from unforeseen crashes and weirdities


If you have auto upgrading off you’ll be fine.

Yeah, I expected as much. As I do agree with the rationale.
Digium seem to be of the same opinion, as there seems to be little traction in having the functionality rolled into trunk.

I needed to check on the ‘patch being undone’ question, and thought it would be worth asking about inclusion at the same time.

I’ve learned a lot during this test, and will be posting something of a lengthy guide in a few weeks covering how to install the patch, configure the phones etc. There is an amount of relevant information already on these boards but pieces are missing or outdated, so a new thread may be of help to someone. Just need to iron out all the little bugs myself and then get around to documenting it all!

If you want we can give you wiki access (to people are always looking for solutions on getting Cisco phones to work better with FreePBX and Asterisk…

Of course, there’s always MY solution… don’t use them! :smiley:

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A wiki entry may make more sense. I don’t necessarily require access, I’d be happy to give a markdown file to someone, but that means someone doing work on my behalf, so sure- access would be great. Will be a few weeks before I write it up anyway.

Not gonna fight about the handset choices! Don’t even get me started on polycom config files!

Yo @tm1000 I’ve finished the document, forgot how much I dislike documentation projects! Currently a markdown file, can you hook me up with write access to the wiki or I can send the file to you somehow?

You have access to edit now. I’d put your work under:

Thanks, document added hope it is helpful at some point.