Inbound works but outbound doesn't - tried everything I can find online

Hi, hope you can help. I’ve tried for 2 days to get FreePBX working. I have managed to get inbound working no problems but outbound always gives an error.

The physical deskphone screen displays “0.850;cause=34” and I can send/attach a log however is best.

Both inbound and outbound SIP trunks (using voiceflex) show as green and available, with outbound showing as registered. In my Outbound rules I have ‘.’ which from reading should allow me to call any number without a prepend.

Here is my log files with my numbers modified for privacy, I am UK based.
pastebin .com/JgFz9LUi
Any help greatly appreciated, it’s stressing me out!

For the reference of others: FreePBX Log -

14081[2024-01-26 18:18:54] VERBOSE[28767][C-0000008b] pbx.c: Executing [s@macro-dialout-trunk:36] NoOp("PJSIP/200-000000d8", "Dial failed for some reason with DIALSTATUS = CHANUNAVAIL and HANGUPCAUSE = 1") in new stack

Your provider is rejecting the call.

1 | 404 | UNALLOCATED_NUMBER | Unallocated (unassigned) number [Q.850 value 1] This cause indicates that the called party cannot be reached because, although the called party number is in a valid format, it is not currently allocated (assigned).

Perhaps your carrier requires 11 digits and you are sending 10…

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Cheers for that - I was concerned it was something I had missed that was obvious.

I am dialing 11 digits however, I may just have to contact VoiceFlex in thsi case and see what they say.

Many thanks for the advice!

They may be expecting +(country code) or some other variation. You need to know the exact numbering format they require so contacting Voiceflex will be the best way to fix things.

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Some quick googling of voiceflex 404 shows this is common…

Note that when you set up a SIP with Voiceflex you need to tell VF support to allow outbound calls as they’re blocked by default.


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