Inbound trunk with CIDR notation impossible to create

I have freePBX 16 and when I define a pjsip trunk, in the pjsip tab I fail to find a way to set the inbound options, like the peer definition in CIDR notation. The two tabs mentioned in the online manual are absent. I see under pjsip, General, Advanced and Codec. If I use a CIDR address in Sipserver, it does not work. So how do I create an inbound trunk for an entire subnet? The online manual shows something that I don’t see.

Are you trying to connect to a SIP provider with an entire subnet of SIP trunks…? Or why exactly do you need to connect this way? You should (as far as I know) just have one IP for any SIP trunk/SIP Server. If you have a few SIP Servers you’re connecting to you’ll probably have to create a trunk for each server.

I already solved it. The trunk is for inbound only. You need to go to PJSIP->Advanced->Match, and there you add the CIDR definition or a single host. This information is used to create the PJSIP identify object.

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