Inbound Trunk through PBX

Hi all. I have a Trixbox (Freepbx) that has 2 T1 (Zaptel) connections. One of the T1’s goes to the telephone company and is working for inbound and outbound calling from IP phones. The other T1 is directly connected to a legacy PBX. Call routing between extensions on the legacy PBX and Trixbox is setup and working.

Currently, the legacy PBX routes calls outside through several old analog telephone lines that I want to do away with. I am attempting to route these calls across the T1 to Trixbox, then out the T1 to the phone company. The issue I have is that when the call comes from the Nortel PBX, Trixbox/FreePBX sees it as a call from outside and rejects the call with extension unknown (the dialed number being a local 10 digit number. ex. 519-555-1212).

Can anyone shed some light on how I might be able to get Asterisk/Trixbox/FreePBX to route these calls appropriately. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


You need to change the context of the t1 trunk going to the Nortel to “from-internal”

Normally, you set up the trunk as from-pstn, this routes the calls through the inbound route rules which determine what to do with the call and where to send the calls to the internal phones. If you send it to from-internal, then the dialplan applies the outbound route rules to it. I believe it is makes the Asterisk PBX a “tandem pbx”. It simple and works great.

How would I go about changing the context of the trunk? I cannot seem to find it anywhere in the FreePBX UI, so I presume I need to do it in some config file.

It’s where the trunk was created - most likely in one of these text files:


and if it was a dahdi trunk:


Thanks! I found it and got it working! It was in zapata-auto.conf