Inbound to DISA - CID list or other idea


I would like to limit the access to DISA (and define a correct outbound callerID as well).
I did already used the inbound CID and it does work fine but requires 1 entry for each CID.

Is there a smarter way? similar to managing a list of CIDs allowed to use this DISA.

The PIN is not a good enough solution because of employees turnover (while the mobile phone number (CID) is provided to the employee with the hardware and can remain allowed most of the times).

Thx for your help.

Do you have a DID dedicated to DISA access? If so, then you could send all calls to that DID to a dynroute and then branch the call based in Asterisk Variable ${CALLERID(number)}. Define all the caller IDs in that dynroute (assuming its a manageable number) and then send all other callers to a different default destination.

Edit - thinking further, you don’t need a dedicated DID for this, you can use the default destination in the dynroute to send all callers that don’t get DISA access.

I have a dedicated DID.
50 numbers to manage.

I’m not familiar with adding modules.
I’ll try, following indications from Signed Dynroute Module Available for FreePBX/PBXact 15

Thx Lorne

50 is prob the upper limit of manageable with this approach, certainly better than 50 inbound routes. A single inbound route to a single dynroute should do it.

See this vid, the first part covers installation: Introduction to Dynamic Routes VIdeo

Actually the Inbound Routes page is missing a copy button…
After entering 8 times the same data, I asked :slight_smile: for alternatives.
Trying Dynroute will be at least a nice challenge, hopefully a solution.

But you can use bulk handler for it.

Wow. It looks good. Very good.

The video is excellent; showing so much more than how to install it.
I now have to master this powerful tool.

A first very basic usage of DynRoute: using the asterisk variable [NUMBER] for selecting the destination. And voilà.

The callerID will allow to filter who can access. Perfect.
Instead of filling 50 lines, one for each user and then manage one more list, I will have to find how to get the mobile numbers directly. I have the data already stored in the extension follow-me list.
I will try to reach it.

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You could authenticate by putting all allowed numbers in a pin set and then using this technique: Using Dynamic Routes & Pin Sets to Authenticate Caller

Instead of using caller input, use ${CALLERID(number)} instead.

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