Inbound T38 Faxes Not Working on Vega 60


We have a Vega 60G that has a SIP T38 enabled line routed to a fax machine on one of the FXS ports. The fax machine is able to send faxes successfully, but when attempting to recieve a fax, the calls are dropped. I’m sure I’m missing a setting on the Vega for incoming T38 but I just can’t seem to find it. Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi @intrigue

The main settings with respect to T38 Fax is to enable T38 in media capability.
and make sure the same capability is set in the profile which is responsible for sending/receiving T38 fax calls.

Also, one can always play with media capset mode (Voice+t38Up or Data only) and see if that makes any difference.

Still, if that does not works then try to capture a pcap trace at vega and try to see what is happening so that one can help you for the same.

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