Inbound Routing


I’m running FreePBX

I have Inbound routes setup that I need to route to multiple trunks.
Basically, ring groups for trunks.

Wondering if there is any module or configuration for this.

The trunks are setup with pjsip.


Nope - don’t even say it that way. You’ll just confuse yourself and others.

Inbound calls go from trunks to extensions or other features of the system through an Inbound Route. Never the other way around. Your ITSP will connect to a trunk. Other PBXes will connect to a trunk. Ring groups will never connect to a trunk. Also, just in case you’ve got this one stuck in your head - each trunk are multiple connection sources. They can have many numbers associated, but they are specific to a particular call provider. Each Trunk will be associated with a specific provider’s name or IP address (I prefer IP address), so don’t try to set up multiple trunks, one for each number, unless you are directed to my your ITSP. [Editorial note: if your ITSP does this, find a better ITSP].

If you want to set up multiple ring groups, you can - just set them up. They are internal to the PBX and have a specific ring group number.

You will then set up specific inbound routes based on inbound DID or inbound CID from your trunks (all trunks see all inbound routes, so there’s no specific mapping) to your ring groups/queues.

So, having said that - yes, there is are configurations to do this. It is about the simplest setup you can have.

  1. Create a trunk from your ITSP. Since it will be inbound only (assumeing no outbound) you will set the configuration of the trunk in the “User” section (the bottom one, I think).
  2. Setup up a single inbound route with no DID or CID (it’s called a “catch-all” route). Set the destination of this route to your desk phone.
  3. Set up individual DID identified Inbound Routes for your other DIDs. You can also set up specific customer CID routes (so that the CID of the caller matches your inbound route). Set the destinations for these routes to the specific ring groups, queues, or extensions.