Inbound routing - SIP trunk

I upgraded to 2.1.1 and extensions.conf has some extra stuff in the from-sip-external context that I can’t figure out.

I have a SIP trunk, incoming context from-pstn. I have an incoming route for the trunk’s DID set up to route to an extension. That route only works if Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP calls is set to yes. How do I set this up so that anonymous calls can be rejected, but that calls from the my SIP VOIP line are accepted ?



If I correctly understand the way these things hang together, if you are registered with the SIP provider, and in the “Incoming” section of the trunk definition specify your “secret”, calls from that trunk should not come in as anonymous. For some providers, the “User Context” specified just above the Incoming section needs to be appended (after a slash) to the end of the register statement.

Thanks for the response. I tried setting the secret and appending the user context - still the same “number not in service” message.

Then I looked in sip.conf and saw the comment that to answer unknown SIP calls, you should change :




I don’t know the broader implications of this. Presumably it bypasses the setting to disallow anonymous SIP ?