Inbound Routing Based on RURI


Is it possible to configure the Sangoma Vega SBC to route inbound calls according to the RURI instead of the “To” field?

The reason for this question is that the SIP accounts used by our clients will have a main SIP number (used for registration) and the account will then have aliases associated to it. When the client receives a call on the alias number our SIP server will keep the main SIP account number in the RURI and the alias will be inserted into the “To” field. However when the SBC receives the call it will reject it. Calling the main SIP number works with no issue. Thus if I could get the SBC to look at the RURI in order to route the inbound calls this will solve a lot of issues for us.

To be clear on the topology our clients register to the SBC which then proxies the registration to our SIP server. Thus an incoming call would go SIP server —> SBC—> PBX

The current (unfeasible /unsalable ) solution is to have the client register each alias number individually (via the SBC).

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated!

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