Inbound Routes - "trunk" (non-numeric) matching?

Have a weird one from one of our integrations.

a client gave us details to Register, lets call it “Trunk”@domain.tld

we can of course pass outbound calls to this trunk,

but I need every call that comes in on this trunk to route to a specific time-conditions > queue (or voicemail)

since I believe the calls will come to us as [email protected] and not a specific CID/DID, how would one go about matching/routing this?

Incoming calls won’t be from/to a specific phone number? I would suggest using sngrep to see what the call actually looks like when it hits your server.

Yeah… im trying to convince them to actually send me a test-call…

I believe that we are created as an extension on the remote-server not a true trunk, because that would make my life easy…

Will the calls always come from known source IP(s)? If so you can define a custom context in the trunk to assign a dummy DID so you can use I bound routes.

hadnt thought of that. thank you as always @lgaetz

I have a dedicated outbound CID tied to my number…
so I can make a context, set it on the trunk, set the DID to that same number, and match it in an inbound route.

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