Inbound routes to external contact manager list to external number


I have a FreePBX 16 installed on my home server with Matrix FXO-FXS gateway (for converting CO lines to SIP trunks)

My setup

FreePBX -
Matrix Gateway - - connected to FreePBX using Peer-to-Peer trunk
Pfsense+ firewall with NAT and firewall rules
Dynamic public IP allocation by ISP - attached to DDNS domain by pfsense.
softphone - GSwave Lite on android and on iOS

i have set up contact manager external group with the list and their contact numbers and speed dial number

My issue

freePBX ext —>*10xxx–>–>check against freePBX contact managerexternal number = success
matrix FXS —>*10xxx–>check against freePBX contact manager—>external number = failed

I am able to use the contact manager feature code (*10xxx) to dial to mobile/CO number from freePBX extension.

when i dial the speed contact manger number (using the feature code) from the matrix gateway FXS port, i am expecting that the call be routed to the number specified in the list and ring on the mobile phone but it rings on the default extension mentioned in the inbound route.
Is there any way i can create an inbound route which checks if the feature code is dialed and then checks against the contact manager list and sends the call to the outbound route with external number?

or any other easier way if possible?

This is controlled by the trunk context. If incoming calls to the pbx from the gateway are intended to be treated like external callers, you set the context to from-trunk and the calls will only follow the inbound route rules. If you want incoming calls from the gateway to be treated as if dialed by a trusted internal extension, then you set the trunk context to from-internal. Once set to from-internal inbound routes will be ignored, you will be able to dial feature codes and also be able to dial outbound using the outbound routes.

Added " context=from-internal " to outgoing SIP settings in the trunk.

Thanks a lot man…

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