Inbound Routes Issue "the number you have dialed is not in service"

Hi everyone.

I have a configuration in FreePBX with 2 trunks with US numbers. I made 2 outbound routes and the calls go out without any problem.
The problem comes when I make inbound routes.
If I just create 1 and let the DID field empty (Any) the calls come in.

But when I put de DID number (1XXXXXXXXXX) and select an extension and I try to call, Allison (asterisk voice) says “The number you have dialed is not in service”

I´ve tried in many ways to change the format number, the extension, the route, etc. Nothing works.

I hope someone here has an idea what could happen or what I’m missing in the configuration to be able to specify the destination in the inbound routes.


Check the format of the phone number of an incoming call (DID any). Asterisk log or CDRreport.

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