Inbound Routes fax detection can't apply extenion and sip settings Freepbx15

After upgrade to freepbx 15.
my Inbound Routes for fax lost its fax setting, which I can’t apply extenion and fax detection type to SIP.
Anyone know how to fix this?


v15 is Beta, I’m hoping this isn’t on a production machine as bugs are still present and being sorted through. Something this sounds like. Have you looked at the issue tracker to see if this is already reported?

Is the Fax Configuration module installed? Inbound Routes have a Fax tab here using FreePBX 15.

Yes it is installed and i tried uninstall reinstall. nothing seems working.
Already roll back to freepbx 14

Please report this as a bug: this will help v15 become stable.

I can confirm the same thing, none of the fax settings on the inbound route are saved except for “Detect Faxes”. Fax module ver. 15.0.13

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