Inbound routes - Bulk import?

I see there is a bulk loader for extesions, but not the incoming routes. Is there a mod out there that would allow me to bulk import/edit incoming routes? I want to make some more automated changes for my users. When I try to use the extension bulk upload it does not take (for any incoming routes). I have the latest version of freebx.

If there is not a mod, could someone guide me on where to edit this information? I found in the database where it is, but I am assuming it is also in another place (as when I edit the DB, I don’t get what I expected).

this does not exist but if you put you can request it as a feature request.

To do that go to the left hand side of the website, select development site, select report bug, and select feature request instead of bug report.

That is the best way to get it on a list that people will see and track requests to.