Inbound route using default context

I have 2 DIDs from and setup inbound routes to just use DID, but I keep getting this error:
NOTICE[20796][C-00000690] chan_sip.c: Call from ‘’ ( to extension ‘17771234567’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘default’.

The extension above has been changed from the real one, but I have exactly the extension in the inbound route.
I am a newbie and it seems this was working before, but every time I make the slightest change (I changed the behavior of one of the routes to play a message) all my inbound calls to either number and route I have fails the same way.

I do have allow anonymous calls set to yes

looking for any guidance.

There is no “default” context in FreePBX, use from-pstn

I don’t know where default is coming from. I have context=from-trunk set in the trunk setup where I register to

Never allow anonymous calls unless you know exactly why. from-trunk and from-pstn are pretty well the same thing.

OK, so any suggestions or ideas how to fix this? This morning, after a reboot, only one of my routes work. The other, setup the same way is still broken. Very strange why it doesn’t obey what seems to be simple routing rules.

What do you have in your extension setup?

To find the offender, you can use the ‘brute force’ method. Log into the console as ‘root’ and try this:

grep default /etc/asterisk/* /etc/asterisk//

One of those files is causing your problem.

I don’t think so. I think there is a fundamental issue somewhere because trying the call sometimes works and sometime does. I get the message “The person you are trying to reach is currently unavailable” and then I could try later and it works fine. When I get that unavailable message, I see the output in the log file I showed before -

chan_sip.c: Call from ‘’ ( to extension ‘1777xxxxxxx’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘default’. (xxxxxxx were digits).

Other times it just works. One of the numbers went to and IVR and worked more often. The other just played a message. That one never worked. I changed the latter to also use an IVR just to play the message, and now both work intermittently.

here is no usable “default” context in FreePBX

I understand that. I don’t know where ‘default’ is coming from (though it seems that when all else fails, it goes there), and I don’t understand why the incoming calls work sometimes - without making any changes to anything. That seems pretty odd to me.

I also understand that allowing anonymous calls are bad, but I have not had any issues with that until now, and that is not my problem.

The problem is that sometimes it matches my inbound rules and other times not, for the same DID.

Post a log of a call.

That line I posted is the only line in the log when it fails. I am sure there is some more detail available, but not 100% sure how to turn it on (then off again).

Please advise.

Thank you